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Marie Blazek

I first delved into the world of clay at UT Austin.  After a short residency in Mexico, D.F., I moved to Berkeley, California where I studied in the tradition of Marguerite Wildenheim. Later, I moved back to Texas to the Peaceable Kingdom School near Navasota and helped to build a pottery studio and  kilns. I developed a series of weekend, pottery workshops with Richard Cabral of the University of St. Thomas.  I continued to study in Houston with Gary Huntoon at the MFA School.

 I left the PK School to apprentice to Ismael Soto in Blue, Texas where I greatly polished my throwing skills and others.  Leaving Blue after a year, I worked in Austin sharing  Steve Sprinkle’s studio.  I began the business end of marketing and surviving.  (I rode my bike 4 miles a day to the studio whenever my ’51 Chevy pickup wouldn’t start.)  

Upon marrying, I worked as a teacher’s aide at the Ceramic Department at Lamar University.  I then accepted an NEA Potter-in-Residence position at the Star of the Republic Museum in Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas.  There I built my first salt kiln and bore my first child, John Brazos.  Completing the residency, I moved back to Austin to another studio and another child, Jacob.  Finally, we moved to Bastrop, Texas where Jordan was born.  Soon thereafter I opened Blazek Studio on Main Street which I operated for nineteen years:  1980 to 1999.

 Upon the graduation of my youngest, I moved out to the Big Bend region where I helped organize the Marfa Studio of Art.  I am currnetly expaning my studio space here in Marfa at 106 W. Washington and constructing a pour room and new kiln area. My professional goals are to refine my sculpting and mold-making skills and continue to produce utilitarian work as time permits.