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About My Funerary Urns

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I have been in the clay business for over forty years, thus possess command of the technology. I have been making jars/urns for the same period of time. Funerary urns are made with very specific considerations and design features. Most funeral services will review these for you upon request.

Requirements: The basic requirements for crematory urns are simple. The ashes of a person of medium weight 150-200 pounds will require a medium size urn; larger, a larger urn, and so forth. I can also custom make companion urns, knowing the approximate weights of the deceased persons. I can also make several small urns, similar in design, for the purpose of dividing the ashes after cremation if this is desired.

Construction: All pieces are high-fired stoneware and will last forever, literally. However, they will shatter if dropped and can be chipped if struck.

Colors and designs: All of the colors shown here on the different styles can be used on another piece. All sizes are available at slightly different prices which have to do with complexity, size, security measures, and custom preferences. (Generally, a decorated vessel will cost from $350 to $550 depending on complexity.) I can usually do custom designs if a specific graphic if desired. So far I have four “official” designs: a leaf pattern, a geologic rocklike form, a highly textured form, and a simple form. I can also customize the lids to show a small cross or star or other simply sculpted figure. The colors and designs viewed on the web site are approximate. Each piece is individually shaped and finished. Expect some variation in product from the web image. I try to keep them very similar but not identical (like twins). If you are not comfortable with minor differences, please do not order.

Names: I can also inscribe a short phrase or name or date. The inscription must be simple and will not be machine-like but rather hand-etched in the final product.

Security: I have devised a locking system which allows for the insertion of a small rod through the juncture between lid and the neck of the urn. This discourages accidental removal of the lid but does not actually lock it. The lid can also be attached with a small amount of silicone sealer. It can be re-opened with an exacto-knife later if need be.

Prices: They vary according to the details, size, and design. Please click on the image. These are the prices for standard urns designed for persons of 125 to 150 pounds, 150 to 200, 200 to 250 pounds. Small memorial jars are available for sharing the ashes. Please call for any specific custom touches if desired.

Ordering and shipping: Allow one month for regular orders, more for custom orders. Price does not include shipping which will usually cost between $15 and $25 depending on size, weight, and destination. I will accept checks or money orders in advance of shipment. Non-custom pieces may be returned within fifteen days with a 20% restock fee, or exchanged, making other arrangements.

I hope this information helps. It is a privilege for me to participate in the enormous and profound process of accepting the death of a loved one, even in this very small way. Please call or email to discuss details.