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About Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arrangement

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Ikebana or Japanese Flower Arrangement developed definitively in the ninth century when Emperor Saga formalized what had been a simple practice associated with Buddhist spiritual sites and altars in homes. It eventually became an art form conscribed by principles and formulas; undertaken by many, perfected by few. There were originally two forms of Ikebana, which I shall call upright vase and flat vase( Haika/ Nagiera and Moribana). More recently the “rules” have become much more relaxed and the style of vessel much more varied although the upright and flat forms still prevail. The general principles of Ikebana continue to correspond to the tenets of Buddhism and creative “truth.” Information on this ancient art is available on line, in good book stores, and elsewhere. Anyone can enjoy it.

My designs are all high-fired stoneware and will last indefinitely, even centuries. I have enjoyed trying them out myself with good results. They are fundamentally vessels which can be used for many purposes. As compared to the website prototype photos, there will be some variation from piece to piece. An ordered vessel will be a twin to the original but not the original. I maintain a ten day return policy.