Marie Blazek Sudios - Ceramic Arts, Funerary Urns, Ikebana Flower Vases, Pottery
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Blazek Studios - Ceramic Arts, Funerary Urns,
Ikebana Flower Vases, Pottery

Funerary Urns I have been in the clay arts business for over forty years. I have honed most production pottery skills, explored decorative techniques and kiln styles and gone through several artistic stages. Each has been illuminating and interesting.

As a culmination of these years, I find myself designing specialized containers: funerary urns with their requirements for size and closure, and Ikebana flower arrangement vases with specific guidelines for form and style.

Ikebana Vases The constraints toward function in each case have provided an additional challenge to meet after years of solving most of the clay technology issues. I continue to learn and enjoy my work while polishing skills. Welcome to my web page.