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The work shown here is functional pottery that comes from forty years at the wheel. Each piece is stoneware clay, sturdy in spite of its elegance, and should last indefinitely (unless you throw it at the cat). Prices vary slightly, but mugs are usually $20; salad/ cereal bowls, $12; larger bowls, $20, $30, and so forth. The images shown are the prototypes. The actual piece will vary some in appearance, rather like a twin but not the same. If you wish to have things the same, please donít order.

Pottery can be placed in a dishwasher or in an oven. (They can go into a hot oven without problems; however, once there’s a chip or crack, a pre-heating oven will work better.) Enjoy.

Salt-fired pitcher, 9in. set, $125 mug selection in blue, black, or re-brown, $20 Oryoki sets in 3 colors, $70
B & W pitchers, 6 to 10 in. $30-50, mugs - $20 Desert Mugs - $22 Pit fired jar 11in. - $120